The U.S. Steel

U.S. steel manufacturers are among the most carbon efficient in the world, according to a study from the Climate Leadership Council.

The industry benefits from using the electric arc furnace process, which is less carbon intensive than the blast furnace method used by other global producers.

In long steel production, the U.S. is…


as efficient than the global average


as efficient as China


as efficient as India

A carbon fee and border adjustment would unlock new economic opportunity for the U.S. steel industry and its workers.


The industry makes steel with less carbon emissions than all of its major competitors. U.S. steelmakers are 75%-320% more carbon efficient than global producers.


By charging imports at the border for their emissions. This would cause steel imports to fall by as much as 50% and drive some of the least carbon efficient producers, like China, out of the U.S. market altogether.


As U.S. steelmakers displace imports, their sales and profitability grow.


up as much as

9% up

up as much as

41% up

down by much as

50% down

Source: CRU International

All steelmaking regions of the U.S. stand to gain.

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