Carbon Advantage

With the right climate policy, America can ensure our manufacturers and workers come out on top as the world transitions to clean energy.

There’s a myth about climate action. It says ambitious climate policies will merely push U.S. jobs and emissions overseas.

What many people don’t realize is that U.S. manufacturers are already at a competitive disadvantage in the marketplace. That’s because America operates one of the cleanest economies in the world. Yet under the current rules of global trade, our manufacturers get no credit for their lower emissions.

Currently, the U.S. imports 75% of its goods from less carbon efficient countries. When lower cost products made with higher emissions flood our market, it undercuts U.S. manufacturers who have made clean energy investments.
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The U.S. economy is 3x more carbon efficient than that of China and nearly 4x as efficient as India.

Source: America’s Carbon Advantage

How do we ensure our manufacturers
aren’t penalized for doing the right thing?

Charging foreign imports for their carbon emissions will hand clean-operating U.S. businesses an instant competitive advantage within our borders. Output from U.S. factories will climb, while imports from the most carbon-intensive countries will fall or disappear altogether.

For example, when a sheet of steel is produced in America to manufacture a car or truck, it typically generates less than half the emissions per ton than a steel sheet produced elsewhere in the world.

This means U.S. steelmakers will gain from a domestic carbon fee and border carbon adjustment, and that translates into more economic growth and American jobs.

up as
much as
9% up
up as
much as
41% up
down as
much as
50% down

Source: CRU International

America’s carbon advantage isn’t limited to steel. A range of sectors across the U.S. economy would benefit from a domestic carbon fee and border carbon adjustment.

And the list goes on...

So, here’s the real story about climate action.

America has a decisive carbon advantage. We can turn this into a competitive advantage with an economy-wide carbon fee and border carbon adjustment.

This policy lets us revitalize U.S. manufacturing, grow our economy, create jobs and address climate change at the same time.

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